Helen K. PerssonOn January 16, 2008, the Kravis Center announced the establishment of the Helen K. Persson Society, recognizing members whose financial commitment to the Permanently Restricted Endowment Fund will...  Read More

The Raymond F. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts is grateful to all its supporters who help continue the growth of the performing arts in our community through bequests and/or planned gifts. We acknowledge their generosity through the Helen K. Persson Society whose members will receive invitations to special events, acknowledgment in Kravis Center publications and other benefits based on level of commitment.

If you would like more information about the Helen K. Persson Society, please call Margaret May Damen, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, CAP®, Planned Giving and Endowment Officer at 561.651.4230.

(List complete as of March 2018)

Mrs. Dorothy Adler in memory of Herbert Adler Mrs. Francis Appleton Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Aquilino Ilene G. Arons Merrill L. and Helen S. Bank Stephen and Janet Barr Sherry and Tom Barrat Mrs. Leo M. Beckwith Ms. Marilyn Zelnick Berman Dr. Nettie Birnbach Carol M. Birney, in memory of my husband Thomas J. Birney Mr. John J. Brogan Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Brown Mr. Stephen L. Brown William E. Buckley Charitable Remainder Trust The Hazel B. Bundy Memorial Fund Mr. and Mrs. Iain Calder Carol R. Feinberg Cohen Rose Price Cooley Janet Coulombe Margaret May Damen, CFP ®, CLU ®, ChFC ®, CAP ® Mrs. Evelyn Y. Davis Evelyn Y. Davis Foundation Sophie and Leonard Davis Mrs. Arthur Stephen DeMoss Mr. and Mrs. A. Ephraim Diamond Mr. and Mrs. John Dodge Margaret C. Donnelley Alexander and Renati Dreyfoos Mr. and Mrs. E. Llwyd Ecclestone Mrs. Harriett M. Eckstein Debra A. Elmore/A.K. Consulting Mr. and Mrs. George Elmore Don Ephraim and Maxine Marks for the Donald M. Ephraim FoundationDr. and Mrs. Marshall A. Falk Jack Fein Caryl R. Firth Stuart M. Fischman, Esq. Miles and Shirley Fiterman Leona and Leo Fleur in memory of Frieda and Louis Cohan Florida Power & Light Company Denise and Fred Fox Maureen J. Gardella Mr. and Mrs. James B. Gaynor Marjorie and Mark Gershwind and Kathy and Mitchell Jacobson in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Jacobson Dr. Theodore F. GersonDenise K. Ghattas in loving memory of Aunt Helen K. Persson Herbert and Elaine Gimelstob J. Arthur Goldberg Dr. Barbara Evans Golden Barry H. and Elisa R. Goldman Opportunity Fund Mrs. Carmen Coté Gollance Mr. and Mrs. Murray H. Goodman Marcie Gorman-Althof Mr. and Mrs. Lionel P. Greenbaum Peggy and Richard Greenfield Eileen Ludwig Greenland John D. Herrick Mrs. Grace E. Hokin Mr. and Mrs. John H. Howard Allan M. Huss and Susan Stallard Mrs. Justine Harvey Joseph Jeanne and Richard A. Kaskey, in memory of our beloved son, James Kaskey Sylvia and Frederick Kenner Henni and John Kessler Mrs. Morton Kesten Kids' Dreams, Inc. in memory of Alan Lebow Mr. and Mrs. Milton Klein Dr. Elliot H. and Fruema Klorfein The Leonard and Norma Klorfine Foundation Dorothy and Sidney A. Kohl Estate of Matthew R. Kornreich Dr. and Mrs. David I. Kosowsky Molly Foreman Kozel Mr. and Mrs. Raymond F. Kravis The Kravis Center's Management Staff Felice and Mervyn Kronfeld Estate of Simone Kruger Elinore Lambert in loving memory of my beloved sister Marcia Dolin In memory of Emma V. Lambrose Mrs. Blanche S. Levine Cathy Kraut Lewis Tim and Joan Litle in honor of Alex and Renati Dreyfoos Vicki and Arthur Loring Joseph and Florence Mandel Family Foundation Morton and Barbara Mandel Family Foundation Cindy Costello Mandes Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Mann Bernard and Chris Marden Zelda Mason Leni and Peter W. May Carolyn and George Metskas Foundation Denise and William A. Meyer Robin Ellen Meyers John Mike Harriet and Alan Miller Alan H. Miller Memorial Fund Mr. and Mrs. James P. Mitchell Jane M. Mitchell Robert M. and Mary Montgomery Memorial to Kimberly Bergalis Mrs. Clara Nevai Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Newberger Barbara Sulfas Noble Estate of Viola Odenheimer Ruth Opotow in memory of Harold A. Opotow The Frank and Jennie M. Palen Foundation Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Persson, Jr. Helen K. Persson in memory of Chester E. Borck Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Pledger Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin M. Polayes Daniel Edward Ponton Mrs. Harold K. Raisler Mr. Douglas P. Regan Barbara and Irving Reifler Mr. and Mrs. David B. Robb, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Eric F. Ross Mr. and Mrs. Stanley M. Rumbough, Jr. Rose Sachs Memorial Fund Mr. and Mrs. Samuel SalmansonJordan and Thomas A. Saunders III in honor of Diane Bergner Priscilla and Richard Schmeelk Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Lewis M. Schott Ms. Beth K. Schwartz Mrs. Natalie L. Secoles Fred and Joan Siegel Mr. Jody Sklar and Mr. Dana S. Fishkin Rachel Sommer in memory of my sister Marcia Leff Mr. and Mrs. William F. Spitznagel Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Starkoff State of Florida Fine Arts Endowment Louise and Michael Stein Rita E. Stein Natalie G. Stone Morris and Elfriede Stonzek Endowment Fund Sandra Thompson Mr. Bernard Weinstein Charles R. Williams The David A. and Shoshanna Wingate Foundation, Inc. Lee and John M. Wolf Arthur and Joyce Yeckes Charitable Trust Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Zeitz

Bequests or any form of planned gifts are personal matters, but it would be helpful to the Kravis Center to have some knowledge of your plans, if you choose to share this information with us. Please let us know when you have made this important decision so that we may honor you and your generosity in an appropriate manner.

Please remember the Kravis Center in your will and estate plans.