Molly Foreman KozelWhen Kravis Center was first announced many years ago, I became one of its earliest champions and an ardent supporter, envisioning its role as the cultural center of Palm Beach County. Today it stands as the symbol of "cultural progress"...the major contributor to the renaissance of its surrounding community and a tribute to the dynamic energies of its founders. I am proud to have been able to participate (tho in a very small way) in its inception.

Having grown up in a musical environment, I had been dismayed when moving to Florida in 1980 at the lack of cultural facilities here. Most importantly, I lamented at the lack of musical education and exposure for children. Whenever possible, I took my granddaughters to local concerts and used to keep my car radio on the classical music stations...and when they riding with me, they actually enjoyed listening!

I have been privileged to be in position to leave a legacy...and am supporting a special Endowment Fund at the Kravis Center specifically designed to provide funds for young children to go to concerts with their parents. Hopefully this will have a positive and lifelong effect on some of these youngsters as it has in my own family...I share with you recent comments from my granddaughter Katie. which greatly influenced my decision:

"I remember as a child going to the symphony…with my grandmother. Though I didn't realize it at the time, I see now having the exposure to music at such a young age now plays a great role in my everyday life. It has shaped and expanded my appreciation of each instrument and has allowed me to be moved by their sounds. Creatively, I feel that my ideas draw from many inspirations today from all around me owing to the simple act of listening to classical music at such a young age. I can't thank my grandmother enough to introducing me to such a wonderful world of classical music which now gives back to me in so many spectrums of my life."

Thank you, Kravis Center for all that you are and will continue to be.

Molly Foreman Kozel