Merrill and Helen BankIt is not often that a second generation gets the opportunity not only to experience, but also to carry on the legacy of one's parents. In 1999, my parents, Helen and Merrill Bank said, "We have been involved with the Kravis Center since its inception and will continue to support its worthwhile programs. The Center provides so many enriching services to the community with educational opportunities, senior citizen programs and community outreach initiatives that we want to help secure for future generations."

Their dedication, enthusiasm and support for the mission of the Kravis Center has now transferred to the next generation, and I am honored to continue their tradition, through support of the Students & Teachers Arts Resource (S*T*A*R) Series education programs my mother believed were so important in order to connect the lives of young students to the performing arts.

In 1986, my father served as co-chair of the Landmark Campaign to fund and construct the Center for the Performing Arts in Palm Beach County, the original organization spearheading what became the Kravis Center. He served as Board Secretary and Treasurer on the original Board of Directors and co-chair of the Building Advisory Board, and my mother served as a member of the Building Advisory Board. Both are members of the Helen K. Persson Society. I feel a sense of responsibility to ensure the cultural life my parents enjoyed, and that I enjoy today, will continue through current gifts to the annual campaign and by deferred gifts to the endowment fund. There are so many people who helped to build the Kravis Center, and now it is our turn to preserve and sustain the Kravis Center mission for the future.

Penny Bank
Daughter of Merrill and Helen Bank