Maureen J. GardellaAs a donor and employee of the Kravis Center, I have seen first-hand the impact that live performing arts has on a child. When you greet children at the lobby door, their eyes light up as they take it all in and their mouths go "wow". Our education programs provide these children an opportunity that many would not otherwise have, and it is important for these programs to continue enriching the lives of young people. Although I have had several careers, my position at the Kravis Center finally feels like home. Our Board of Directors and Administration truly support and encourage us, and there is a family-like connection among our staff. Because of the exceptional work environment, and the Kravis Center's mission, I feel strongly that it is important to do what I can to make sure the Center may go on beyond my lifetime. My endowment gift through a life insurance policy may now be small, but I am secure in the knowledge that over time the funds will grow and help to provide continuing programming and employment for the residents of this area.

Maureen J. Gardella
Director of Guest Services