Marcie Gorman-AlthofI believe it is my responsibility to give back to the community in the same way I was fortunate to experience the life-long benefit and joy that comes from participating in theater and music productions and learning about the arts. Educational programs at the Kravis Center serve two audiences: very talented children who need good mentors to be the best they can be, and children who have limited access in their communities and schools to encounter the beauty, harmony, and discipline that comes from participating in the creative process. The arts not only nurture the soul, they also provide young people with the foundation for good citizenship throughout their entire adult life. It makes my heart sing to know that my gift to the endowment through my estate plan will allow the Kravis Center to continue their important educational work in the community beyond my lifetime.

Marcie Gorman-Althof
President and CEO Entertainment
Kravis Center Corporate Partners Executive Committee Member and Education Committee Member