Lee WolfWhatever is valuable in life deserves our support and our commitment to its viability and longevity, whether it is life itself or those things which add to the enrichment and joy that sustains our lives. In my mind it is The Kravis Center that over the past 18 years of my life has offered me not merely entertainment, but also a sense of community, purpose and affiliation.

I first came to Palm Beach in the era of the leaky teepee. In fact I can remember my friends taunting me about living in a "cultural desert". I am the one who now has the last taunt, because they now look at the current cultural environment of the Palm Beaches with respect and awe at what has been accomplished by the Kravis and its many supporters. They all marvel at the transformation of this community into a world class cultural center. We now have not only the respect of people outside our community, but also the joy and benefit of our having access to all the many opportunities of seeing world class entertainment in a state of the art facility. The Kravis Center offers us a veritable feast of the performing arts: comedy, symphony, opera, ballet, popular music, broadway musicals and cutting edge theater. What value can we place on having access to all these life enhancing privileges? For my husband and me the answer is very simple: to continue to not only support the Kravis on a yearly basis, but to also ensure that this exceptional performing arts center will survive so we can provide the next generations with the same quality of culture and entertainment that we have enjoyed. I consider the Kravis to be one of my great assets, a legacy that I have the obligation to pass on to those who will follow after me. For all these reasons my husband John and I have become proud members of the Helen Persson Society. I urge you to find joy in doing the same.

Lee Wolf
Board of Directors