John MikeI urge everyone who enjoys the Kravis Center to consider the part we can each play in preserving it and keeping it open and healthy. For almost 25 years now we have reveled in the variety and quality of every type of musical entertainment in our Kravis Center. It is a treasure in my life, and enriches me time and again, making our life in the Palm Beaches special.

The Kravis Center has depended on the generosity of the extraordinary few, of the significantly successful among us who have achieved much in life and who have chosen to give back and to fund the Kravis Center with very substantial contributions. I cannot do what others in our community can with their very large contributions. But I do benefit, and I do want the Kravis Center to continue. That is why I have chosen to include the Kravis Center in my will, modest though it may be. It is a big building, quite complex (take a tour), and involved in our Palm Beach County community with the schools, with seniors, with multiple arts organizations, and with hosting events which do not all make money. In fact, actual ticket revenue and other earned income accounts for only 80% of the annual costs of operating our Kravis Center. The Kravis Center actually needs the support of us all for it to carry forward.

My heirs are not desperate. They are not relying on the little bit I will leave behind to survive. So I want to gift those arts organizations and charities which actually make a difference. At the time of my death I want to reward, and I want to help. Just think what good could be done if every one of us seniors (I am over 65) would include The Kravis Center in our wills? Gifts of $5,000 or $10,000 or $20,000, multiplied many times over, will preserve what we all love.

Please join me, and consider putting the Kravis Center amongst the beneficiaries in your estate. And be proud of what we are accomplishing.

John Mike
West Palm Beach