Jane M. MitchelWhen the Kravis Center opened its doors, a new day dawned for me. Raised in a family environment of music and the arts, I yearned for local access to fine performance, and felt that the possibility was actually arriving. I was eager to become a donor. Nothing felt better than writing my first check to support this beautiful Center that held the promise of ushering in a significant cultural presence for our community. 

Over the years, that early promise has been fulfilled beyond my dreams as the Center grew to become recognized as a world-class performing arts center. It was my honor to serve as the Chair of the Board of Directors — an experience that inspired even deeper appreciation for the Kravis Center as I worked with my dedicated Board colleagues, the exceptional professional staff, benevolent donors, and the excellent volunteer corps that are behind the well-oiled operations.

By now, I can't imagine our community without the Kravis Center, so I've planned my estate to include a gift to the Center's Endowment Fund. It is so satisfying to know I am giving back so that our citizens will continue to enjoy the many pleasures and benefits to be found through the Kravis Center. I smile to think of the future audiences that will enjoy Kravis Center's long, long run.

Jane M. Mitchell
Immediate Past Chair of the Kravis Center