Debra Elmore The Palm Beach County I returned to in 1998 was certainly not the County I had left some 19 years earlier to pursue my management and analytical career throughout the United States ending with 11 years out West. Palm Beach County had become the home of the world-class Kravis Center and the county was recognized as a cultural Mecca in our state. I grew up in South Florida, Boca Raton actually, in a family that lived by the fundamental value of giving back to a community. In my youth I learned by example, it doesn't so much matter how much you have, it matters what you do with what you have. These are the values I practice today as a member of the Helen K. Persson Society and the Young Friends Executive Committee. Having the opportunity to attend exciting and memorable performances at the Kravis Center is a joyful experience. It is the reason I choose to support the Center with a current gift to the Endowment Fund. I hope my action will encourage young people to realize at an early age how important it is to support organizations that bring joy into their lives, and to know that small consistent giving grows over time. In fact the earlier one starts to give, the greater number of years those gifts have to grow into significant support to help an organization continue and expand its mission for the next generation. Together our gifts will ensure Kravis Center audiences in the future enjoy the beauty of live performances that enrich our lives today.

Debra Elmore