Caryl R. FirthHaving been a realtor in the downtown area for the past 10 years, I am excited about the direction the city of West Palm Beach is going. Since 1992, the Kravis Center has been a very big part of our community. It provides local residents as well as visitors with a variety of quality entertainment, whether it is various types of musical events or theatrical productions. The Center is also very involved in Palm Beach County with programs for our seniors, our schools children, and it is a community gathering place for many arts organizations to host events that are not necessarily money makers. I especially enjoyed attending the Pratt Institute Sculpture Competition in which eight select Pratt students were invited to design a site-specific endowment donor recognition sculpture to honor members of the Helen K. Persson Society. 

Many people do not realize the significant contribution the Center makes to the quality of life in our community, and for this reason, as well as others, I want the see the Kravis Center continue to be able to provide these services to the community.

Therefore, I have made a provision for the Kravis Center in my will and I hope others consider doing the same, so the Kravis Center can be here for many years to come.

Caryl R. Firth