Benjamin and Dorothy PolayesWhen we settled in Palm Beach from the New Haven area we were anxious to continue the kind of cultural life we had always enjoyed. As soon as plans for building the Kravis Center were announced we became involved in the "doing." For the past 20 years, I guess you can say we are fortunate to have been volunteers and to have helped the Center progress from a great dream to a great institution. We found pleasure in every one of our experiences; whether it was sorting through documents and photos to help set up the archive collection, editing the volunteer newsletter-"Note-ables," giving hard-hat tours, manning the information table prior to performances, or marching to the strains of Aida's Triumphal March along with swaying elephants in the "topping out" ceremony during construction of Dreyfoos Hall. Dorothy and I have always felt we belong at the Kravis Center; we delight in seeing friends at concerts with seats near ours and enjoy having a bite to eat at the Bistro. It is a warm and caring organization with a real desire to bring the best cultural and educational life to the community. We decided several years ago to include the Center in our estate plan. Because the Center has enriched our lives and the life of the community it was the natural thing to do. We hope, if you can, you will do it, too.

Benjamin and Dorothy Polayes
Donors and Volunteers