Alexander DreyfoosThe Kravis Center is a living monument to the creative power of thousands of hours of planning and personal commitment by a very diverse community. This cultural beacon is representative of how private enterprise can work together without compromise to enshrine the sacred covenant of the arts for future generations. Four decades ago, my vision was for Palm Beach County to change from being just one of the great resort areas to truly one of the cultural centers in our country. It's really come out even better than I imagined.  The Kravis Center continues to be a source of inspiration for the beauty and enrichment of the arts, always building on great traditions as a steward for the future. Just 20 years ago, this parcel of downtown land in the City of West Palm Beach was vacant and barren. Today, it is a modern miracle and an ongoing tribute to an enlightened community that rallied to raise the money for the center to open debt free. This is a culmination of a dream for me. People count on the center to be here, to continue to grow and to find new meaning and new definitions for the arts at every performance. That's quite a legacy. I believe what so many, so passionately worked to build we must now fervently preserve through our commitment to build the Endowment Fund. I have done it in my estate planning; I hope you will join me.

Alexander W. Dreyfoos
Kravis Center Founding Chairman